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Words of wisdom from the Emma Stone.

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Julia Child said it best. So always surround yourself with the best people. 🙂


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Yep, I did it again! Post number 4! 🙂

Cheers to more features posts! Thanks Tastespotting! 🙂

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The Chocolate Tree

Yes, I know there is no such thing as a “chocolate tree”. We all know chocolate comes from  Cacao (Theobroma cacao) trees. This is just a wordplay for “Chocolaterie”. Pretty clever huh? 😀 (I think it’s a pretty awesome-clever name!)

The Chocolate Tree is my brand for my homemade chocolate products. Yeah, I’m a frustrated chocolatier. I make chocolate candies like truffle and bonbons, and pastries like cupcakes, brownies, cakes…and the list goes on coz learning new recipes do not and should not stop 🙂

And… No, I don’t sell them. i just want to give my chocolates in nice packages and I think it would look even better if it has a label. Thus The Chocolate Tree.

But then again… Who knows, I might start selling them too! At least I have a brand now. Now how do I get this copyrighted?  🙂

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Culinary Arts, literally! 🙂

I painted this series of artworks for my “Food Journal”. It’s  a 5×9 hard bound book with 100+ pages of blank brown paper and these 4 artworks inserted randomly. It’s a supposed food diary that will contain my recipes and random thoughts about food, favorite restos and anything related to food 🙂

However, for no particular reason, I wasn’t able to start the journal project.  (And this blog is actually my present food journal) So I will most probably give the journal to Ahma and make her fill it up with her recipes! That will be THE ULTIMATE FOOD JOURNAL!!! 😀

Watercolor and Ink on Watercolor Paper

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