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After chugging down what seems to be kegs of beer, Uncle Ben once told young Peter what could be one of the most famous lines in comic book history: “With great beer, comes great food.”

I know, I know, this is more of a Gusteau-Remy drunken moment, so before I get into trouble with unauthorized references, I’ll come clean – I just made that up. There was no beer talk between Uncle Ben and Peter… or was there?

Ok, let’s change the topic. Since Oktoberfest is coming pretty soon, everyone will find an excuse (do we need one?) to consume gallons of beer. So what could be more perfect than a recipe that pairs well with ice-cold beer? Actually, anything goes perfectly well with cold beer!!!

While I am the greatest fan of the Filipino style of bbqing AKA pork cutlets skewered on sticks, basted with a ketchupy bbq sauce concoction, anything bbq is really a favorite of mine. So, if you’re not in the mood to fire up your grill, firing up your oven is a good alternative.

Here’s the recipe:



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Unlike baking, which requires an almost precise measurement of ingredients, I seldom measure my ingredients when I’m cooking savory dishes. It’s always a ‘tancha-tancha system’, just an estimate of this and that. And when you get the hang of it, it’ll just come naturally and your dish will taste exactly the same everytime you cook it.

Such is the case with my Barbecue Pork Dumpling recipe. I first made this when I celebrated my birthday with an Asian theme. I was thinking of something simple to make, easy to eat and would pack a ton of flavors. So dumplings came to mind. I wanted a sweet-savory kind of dumpling. I have been wanting to do my version of ‘sipa’, a popular dumpling dish at Wok Inn, so I began my experiment with my pork dumplings. The result, they tasted so different from what I hoped it would, yet it was still so good. So forget about ‘sipa’, this is now my go-to dumpling recipe.


The addition of bbq sauce in the mixture may sound weird. But this will actually give the dumplings a surprisingly good flavor. It is important to note however, to use the Asian kind of bbq sauce (Mama Sita) and not the American variety of bbq sauce. You want your bbq sauce to be on the sweet-salty flavor profile and not the tangy-sweet one.

Again, please remember that the measurements in this recipe are just estimates. I never really measured them when I’m making these so… yeah 🙂  Here’s the recipe:


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