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Summer is over in the Philippines and the rainy season has begun. While I’m not a fan of raindrops falling on my head, one thing I love about this season is that summer fruits go on sale, and that includes mangoes! Yes, I know that they are available all-year round, but mangoes are sweetest during summer… and Philippine mangoes are THE BEST in the world! So towards the end of the season, they come cheap and sweet. And who doesn’t love cheap and sweet things? 🙂

Growing up, one of the favorite cakes that my grandma bakes was her mango cake. It is a soft, pillowy vanilla sponge cake, filled and frosted with Swiss meringue-mango buttercream. Given my adorationfor her recipe, I took her cake as an inspiration for this cupcake.


Since sponge cakes and I are not really the best of friends (I don’t know why), I decided to just use my trusted vanilla cupcake and tweak it bit which resulted into a rich and moist buttery vanilla cupcake with mango bits.

For the frosting, since I do not have the luxury of a ‘light’ cake, I opted for whipped cream. This is just my excuse because I have yet to try making SMBC, and I’m scared! Haha. Using whipped cream to frost the cupcakes complemented the already ‘heavy’ cupcakes.

Here’s the recipe:



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Chocnut text Just like peanut butter and jelly, certain foods just go together like a match made in heaven. Bacon and eggs, pancakes and maple, PB and J, these flavors are really meant for each other. Like loyal partners, they never let each other down, rather, they bring out the best in each other, forming a powerful combination of flavors. If ever there’s a Brangelina in the culinary world of flavor duos, it would definitely be peanut butter and chocolate. Who can resist the classic combination of bittersweet rich chocolate and lusciously creamy peanut butter? Here in the Philippines, there’s a famous local candy featuring the classic combination of chocolate and peanut, the Choc-Nut. Made with sugar, milk chocolate and peanuts, this sweet treat has been giving smiles to Filipinos for decades already. Chocnut Therefore, it is just right that a cupcake version should be made to highlight this unassuming candy, making an already loved classic confection even more irresistible. Here’s the recipe: (more…)

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With the arrival of 2015, there’s a chance that  the cookie butter fad maybe slowly fizzling out.

Yes. Just a few years back, cookie butter took the world by storm, with every large grocery/supermarket finding its shelves running out of this treat. Instagram and other social networks were filled with hundreds of hashtags showcasing this spiced spread, #sosyal. In fact, I know a friend who broke his brand new iPhone out of sheer excitement when he got his supply of cookie butter, yes #intense.

Now, if you’ve been living under a rock, and not happen to know to what cookie butter is, here’s a quick 411:

Cookie butter is a spread made from crushed Speculoos cookies. It is loaded with spices such as cinnamon, ginger and cloves. This Western European treat then found its way to foreign shores across the globe which we all welcomed wholeheartedly (and hungrily).

Presently, here in Manila, the clamor for cookie butter may not be as fervent as before thus, it needs re-imaging.


When I first tasted cookie butter, I didn’t like it that much; it was like peanut butter on steroids! As I dug deeper into the bottle, I found myself slowly liking it. Then, I thought of highlighting it in a cupcake. Its weirdly interesting combination of flavors piqued my interest to try something different, and add yet another variant to my now-growing cupcake repertoire.

The result  is a cinnamon-spiced, brown sugar vanilla cupcake, filled and frosted with a cookie butter butter-cream.


Sounds sinful? Yes.

Tastes great? Absolutely yes!

So, say goodbye to the old and say hello to the “new.”

Here’s the recipe: (more…)

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According to Leonardo da Vinci, simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. This is perhaps why posting a vanilla cupcake recipe is difficult.

The flavors of this cupcake rely on its simplicity. Unlike other cupcakes, a vanilla cupcake has nowhere to hide its flaws; no fancy frosting nor any sweet filling can mask a bad tasting vanilla cupcake. In order to be a good vanilla cupcake, it has to be simply good. It’s that … simple. Yes, the simplest of things can sometimes be the most complex of all.

In the world of cupcakes, it is said that you only have to master two flavors: vanilla and chocolate.

Perfecting these two basic flavors can create a smorgasbord of gastronomic wonders just by tweaking an ingredient or two. You will be amazed by the seemingly limitless supply of wondrous combinations.

For a vanilla cupcake, everything relies on the ingredients. Real butter is a must, and the same goes with vanilla. If you want great tasting cupcakes, use great tasting ingredients.

Trio edit-2

As mentioned earlier, nothing can mask a flawed cupcake therefore, it is imperative to have a trusted recipe.

Here’s mine: (more…)

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A chocolate cupcake with a dulce de leche frosting, most people would assume it’d be called as such. Yet, why did I name it as so?

Well, let’s take a bit of a walk in my memory lane.

Back in high school, I used to buy this certain homemade candy called “yum-yum”, our local version of yema.  This delectable candy was sold by a friendly lady who never fails to call any of her customer “Darling!” (yes, with an exclamation point; she had that much enthusiasm). And because of this, most students have come to known her as Darling. I was one of her avid customers (at P3 for 2 pieces, it was a steal!)

Now, you all know that I’ve perfected my chocolate cupcake recipe. The great thing about chocolate is that it mixes well with a variety of flavors so, I’ve begun to experiment in making it even, uhmmm… yum-yummier.

Back to my past, growing up, I’ve always adored my Ahma’s Chocolate Decadence cake. It’s a chocolate cake, frosted with chocolate fudge icing and topped with a caramel glaze.

Looking into my previous posts, I’ve always been a fan of bite-sized treats and my grandmother’s cake is no exception; I just had to make a smaller version of this.

With that in mind, I wanted to incorporate yum-yum into my cupcakes; yum-yum, as delicious as it is, is a hard candy. I can’t necessarily use it as frosting as it’d be difficult to bite into along with the cupcake (believe me, I’ve tried). After endless contemplation, I’ve realized that the yum-yum was actually inspired from a more well-known sweet treat, dulce de leche!


Dulce de leche and yum-yum are pretty much the same; they only vary in texture, with dulce de leche being the softer version. I’ve tried using real yum-yum for the cupcakes and it was disastrous! The frosting was tough and chewy, and would not pipe well. It was a mess! By using dulce de leche, you still get the wonderful flavor of yum-yum with just the right smoothness in a frosting.

Lo and behold, I give you one of the products from my small kitchen:


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I came up  with this idea simply because I love S’mores. Come on, who doesn’t love the flavors of luscious warm chocolate and sticky roasted marshmallows sandwiched in rich graham crackers? With these flavors in mind, I knew that turning this favorite camping snack into a cupcake will definitely be a winner.

When I celebrated my birthday last year, I wanted a new cupcake flavor to serve. Fresh from a stormy camping trip,  s’mores was my top choice. The concept was simple, chocolate cupcakes frosted with marshmallow fluff and topped with graham and chocolate bits. Looking back, I made pretty tasty cupcakes but I knew something was missing; I have yet to perfect the fluff and more importantly, the cupcakes!

Smores Duo

When I finally discovered my new chocolate cupcake recipe, I knew I had to give my s’mores cupcake a second try. I also made necessary revisions with my marshmallow frosting along with the over all presentation of the cupcake.

Then I suddenly remembered something. A few years back, Jennifer Shea of Trophy Cupcakes made s’mores cupcakes in one episode of the Martha Stewart Show. I knew I had her recipe somewhere so I immediately searched for it in my little recipe folder. With my new chocolate cupcake and her recipe in hand, I finally perfected my S’mores cupcakes (which I consider one of my best cupcake recipes to date).

So, what makes up a S’mores cupcake? Here’s a diagram:

Smores anatomy


Now let me teach you how to make one. Here’s the recipe: (more…)

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Cheesecakes intimidate me. To start with, it’s a sosyal food. Then it’s complicated to make (sort of) because you have to usually cook it in a bain-marie. Also, cream cheese is a bit pricey here in the Philippines. And I’m not really a fan of cheesecakes,  so  I never thought I’d ever make one.

But all of these changed when I chanced upon an episode of Anna Olson’s Fresh on the Asian Food Channel. She made mini lemon meringue cheesecakes and turned a complicated recipe into a simple one. First there was no bain-marie method involved (thank God!) and they were so tiny, so they cook fast. The serving portion is just perfect, and they were so cute to look at. With her recipe, I was determined to make one too.

As fate would have it, last Wednesday, we threw a surprise baby shower for my sister. It was my chance to try out her recipe. However, my sister’s having a baby boy, so color-wise, yellow wouldn’t go well with the theme. It has to be blue! (Last year, I made pink cupcakes for my other sister’s baby shower). So what is a blue cheesecake? Go figure!

Loosely-based on Anna Olson’s lemon meringue cheesecake recipe, here’s my mini blueberry cheesecake recipe: (more…)

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