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Summer is over in the Philippines and the rainy season has begun. While I’m not a fan of raindrops falling on my head, one thing I love about this season is that summer fruits go on sale, and that includes mangoes! Yes, I know that they are available all-year round, but mangoes are sweetest during summer… and Philippine mangoes are THE BEST in the world! So towards the end of the season, they come cheap and sweet. And who doesn’t love cheap and sweet things? 🙂

Growing up, one of the favorite cakes that my grandma bakes was her mango cake. It is a soft, pillowy vanilla sponge cake, filled and frosted with Swiss meringue-mango buttercream. Given my adorationfor her recipe, I took her cake as an inspiration for this cupcake.


Since sponge cakes and I are not really the best of friends (I don’t know why), I decided to just use my trusted vanilla cupcake and tweak it bit which resulted into a rich and moist buttery vanilla cupcake with mango bits.

For the frosting, since I do not have the luxury of a ‘light’ cake, I opted for whipped cream. This is just my excuse because I have yet to try making SMBC, and I’m scared! Haha. Using whipped cream to frost the cupcakes complemented the already ‘heavy’ cupcakes.

Here’s the recipe:



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White Chocolate and Mango Mousse

The month of April signals the start  of the summer season here in the Philippines. As the sun stays longer and skirts grow shorter, mango trees are also in full bloom. Although mangoes are available all year round, the combination of the summer heat and the sweet taste of the fruit’s flesh is something only the season can bring.

I’ve been craving for mangoes for some time now and I have already satiated my appetite with a kilo or two of Indian mangoes (native green mangoes in the Philippines). Also, I’ve been wanting to make a dessert that will feature the Philippine mangoes which is said to be one of the world’s best! But the problem is, I don’t know how. I’ve also been craving for the delectable sweetness only ripe and yellow mangoes can bring. It’s a good thing that mangoes are in season. They are inexpensive at only 50 pesos a kilo (less than 1USD/kilo). So when an opportunity came for me to make a mango dessert, I knew I had to turn it a notch higher. I have to experiment with a mango mousse recipe.

I really have no idea how to make a mango mousse recipe and there only a few online. Good thing though I’ve already made chocolate mousse a couple of times so I have an idea how to make a mousse. So, using my chocolate mousse recipe, I substituted the chocolate with mango and started my ‘experiment’. And I am happy with the result of my mango mousse project.

The result: A delicious and sophisticated dessert paying homage to Philippines’ national fruit.


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