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This recipe is an update of a previous recipe I posted 3 years ago.

Why fix it when it’s not broken? I often ask myself this question whenever I try to “fix” a time-tested recipe. Then again, it can’t be considered “fixing,” rather, it’s an attempt to improve the recipe.

This recipe for instance


My Korean Fried Chicken is been one of my famous recipes in this blog, garnering lots of views everyday. Perhaps, it’s the madness that is KFC all over the world that sends thousands of people online to search for a recipe. Although I’m pretty much satisfied with my recipe, I am not too thrilled with its crunch factor. After all, a korean fried chicken is famous for its crunch, among others.

So, when I tried to upgrade my recipe, I thought of ways to fix this ‘broke’ thing. The result, a crunch that is better. A crunch that lasts longer. A crunch like no other.

Hear that crunch? Here’s the recipe:



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FINALLY!!! My first post for 2013! And there’s no better recipe to share than my most favorite food in the world -FRIED CHICKEN!

Mind you, this is no ordinary fried chicken, coz after being fried to crispy goodness, it is then tossed in a buttery-garlicky-cheesy sauce!

For followers of my blog, I have already shared one of my favorite fried chicken recipes (here). This one’s equally good, even better, I think. Plus, it’s easier to make. The sauce is sinful, yes, but you’ll get over your guilt once you take a bite of the succulent piece of fried chicken. Not to mention dipping it in a even more sinful dipping sauce.

Ok, I think that intro’s enough, I’m drooling already.

Here’s the recipe.


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If there’s one food I’ll eat for the rest of my life, that would be fried chicken. When I was a kid, I would always had to have the drumstick. Now, I’m in love with chicken wings.

So when I read last year that there’s a place that serves mean fried chicken, I had to try it out. So after obsessing much with BonChon chicken, I was finally able to satisfy my appetite with their chicken wings. And they were good.

Although I think it was overhyped. Chicken Joy tastes better! Haha. I mean, yeah, the flavor profile is somewhat new to most people, but I think it’s just because of the sauce. If you strip the chicken off the sauce, what you’ll have is just a bland piece of a crunchy chicken wing. I have to give it to Bonchon though for the crunchiness of the wings. They stay freakin crunchy even after 30 minutes with the sauce. Plus, I find them expensive too! At first, I thought P375 for 12 pieces was okay. But they actually separated the mini drumstick and the wing, so what we actually had was 6 pieces of wings. That’s almost 3 kilos of wings for P375 actually.

All in all, my Bonchon experience was nice. Thanks to buddies Arjay and Joan 🙂 I was just expecting more from them coz of all the hype I’ve read and heard bout them.

So my quest for this Korean delight did not stop there. I knew I had to learn a recipe similar to Bonchon. Through research, I found out that their fried chicken is actually just Korean Fried chicken  and found hundreds of recipes online.

It is just a simple fried chicken recipe. The main difference is the re-frying. This vital step gives the fried chicken the crunch that  makes a Korean fried chicken.

So after going through dozens of recipes, I settled for Andrea Nguyen’s recipe, and this, and this 🙂 I combined these three recipes for my ultimate Korean fired chicken.

Forget Bonchon! (What Bonchon?) This one’s better!


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